Will they fit my tank?

All of our drip tips (excluding our RDA top caps and tank specific drip tips) are known as industry standard "510" fitment which measure approximately 8.5mm in diameter across the base of the drip tip.

If you measure your current drip tip and it is exactly, or very close to 8.5mm in diameter across it's base, then it is likely to be a 510 drip tip and therefore our drip tips will fit your tank.

We also have a range of 810 fitment drip tips. These measure 1/2" (12.7mm) in diameter across the base of the drip tip.

Most tanks on the market use either a 510 or an 810 size drip tip.

However, some tanks on the market use their own specific size drip tips and we have some of these available within the "tank specific" section of our website. We will continue to increase our range of these drip tips when the popularity of the tanks become apparent.

If you are not sure what size drip tip you need for your particular tank, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Drip Tip information:

Drip Tips are essentially the mouthpieces on the end of an electronic cigarette.

Many people assume that changing your drip tip is purely down to their looks and personal preference or to match your mod/tank. However, a narrower tip can actually create a more concentrated, stronger flavour. Alternatively, a wide bore drip tip can help increase air flow and thus produce more vapour. Most people are surprised at how much of a difference they actually make to the vape. 

Another thing to not underestimate is the way they feel between your lips. Using a nice feeling drip tip can help your vaping experience become even more satisfying. 

From an industrial, cold feeling stainless steel drip tip, acrylic ones that you can nibble on while you vape, PTFE and POM drip tips that will help dissipate heat, through to bendy PVC ones ideal for when your driving (Have you ever knocked your teeth while vaping and driving? We know we have........UK pot holed roads anyone?!

Please take a look at our wide range of drip tips by clicking on the variations at the top of this page and see which ones appeal to you. We have also included dimensions to help you. Some of our drip tips are quite large so it is worth double checking the dimensions to avoid any surprises.

Our aim at The Drip Tip Store is to provide fellow vapers with a wide, varied and unique selection of drip tips at affordable prices.

Important Notice: All the prices in our store are for a single drip tip. Any pictures shown with duplicates or rebuildable tanks are for illustration purposes only.