New Premium Resin Drip Tip Range.... August 19, 2016 15:07

We have just had delivery of our new range of premium resin drip tips. These are available in standard 510 fitment & standard 22mm RDA fitment. We also have the following tank specific options: Smok TFV8 tank, Goon RDA, Limitless RDA & RDTA, Kennedy RDA, Twisted Messes RDA, Temple RDA and Roughneck RDA. Each drip tip has it's own unique colourway so no two tips are the same!


1) Standard 510 fitment resin drip with twin O' rings for a more secure fit.

2) Friction fit resin "Wave" Drip Tip to suit the Goon, Kennedy and Limitless V1 RDA's.


3) Friction fit resin drip tip to fit the Twisted Messes RDA.

4) Friction fit resin drip tip to fit the Goon, Kennedy and Limitless V1 RDA's.

5) Resin drip tip to fit the Temple RDA.

6) Friction fit resin drip tip to fit the roughneck RDA.

7) Twin O' ring resin drip tip to fit the Smok TFV8 tank. 

8) 22mm resin RDA top cap.

9) 22mm Resin top cap to fit the Limitless RDTA.

New Drip Tips Arriving Soon..... November 5, 2015 18:49

A review by Martyn Parker for some of our latest drip tips..... September 10, 2015 19:24

Drip tips reviewed from 14mins 30secs into the video....

A selection of new drip tips have just arrived........ August 29, 2015 16:59

Aspire tanks and 510 drip tip fitment..... June 12, 2015 17:19

Aspire tanks logo


As we all know Aspire manufacture some of the best tanks on the market.

Something we have noticed is that most Aspire tanks have a slightly larger than average bore where your drip tips fit, which ultimately means that some tips can be a little loose.

A Larger O-Ring will usually solve this issue but we are happy to help any customers by trying them in our own range of Aspire Nautilus, Atlantis & K1 tanks before purchasing to ensure a nice snug fit.

Please email us at or fill out the "contact us" form on our website and we will be more than happy to help!


A Selection Of New Tips Have Just Arrived....... May 29, 2015 18:28

Stainless Steel & Wood (Oak, Redwood and Walnut)

Wooden stainless steel drip tip

Aluminium and Hydrographic Coated (Camo, Walnut, Carbon Fibre and Marble effect)

Aluminium and Hydrographic Coated Drip Tip

Stumpy Wide Bore Stainless Steel and Glass Bowl

Wide Bore Stainless Steel and Glass Bowl Drip Tips

Subtank Matching Tips

Subtank drip tips

Vase Shaped Wooden Tips (Oak, Redwood and Walnut) 

Vase shaped wooden drip tips

Matching Drip Tips For The Kanger Subtanks Now In Stock!!! May 20, 2015 16:49

I think most would agree that these tips are the perfect match for the range of Kanger Subtanks.

These tips can be dismantled for cleaning. If you wanted to change the O-rings for a different colour that is also possible.

We only have red O-rings at present but are trying to source other colours.


Subtank drip tips  photo outside glazing drip tip 8_zps8s8vauow.jpg  photo outside glazing drip tip 7_zps8ez9atvd.jpg Subtank drip tips with measurements
 photo outside glazing drip tip 3_zps6feok57v.jpg
 photo outside glazing drip tip 9_zpsykfmnoik.jpg