Flextip Drip Tip Covers - Protective Cap For Your Drip Tip


The Flextip® accumulating debris Preventer is the only system of it's kind available on the market!

The Flextip® drip tip cap will help keep your mouthpiece & vaping device free from dust, fluff, debris etc and will also help with those annoying leaking issues. 

Made from black rubber, the Flextip is incredibly strong yet flexible.

Find your Flextip size by measuring the outside diameter at the tip your drip tip. Please bear in mind that the Flextip will fit a diameter of 0.4mm smaller or larger than your actual drip tip size.

Please note: If you wish to order a Flextip along with a drip tip, please contact us and we can advise of the correct size that is needed. Our dimensions for width relate to the widest part of the drip tip and not the width at the tip so please bear that in mind.

Available sizes: 8mm to 16mm wide

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